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uPVC Doors, Farnham

We understand the importance of choosing the perfect entryway for your home, and are excited to help you complete your home improvement project with style and efficiency. We’ve been helping customers to find the uPVC doors for them for thirty years, and thanks to this we have garnered a reputation for providing the best of the best. Furthermore, we work with our fantastic installation teams to bring you an efficient and affordable service.

When you choose Hart Windows for your home improvement project, you are choosing a provider that is able to offer you’re a wealth of options when it comes to your new uPVC doors. We are partnered with fenestration giants Liniar and REHAU so that we can bring you the highest quality products available on the market. From patio doors, French doors to composite front doors, we’ll have the uPVC doors that are the perfect match for your Farnham home.

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The Best uPVC Doors on the Market

Thanks to our vast experience within the home improvement industry, we are able to work with some of the biggest names in the business to bring you uPVC doors that will properly complete your own in a manner that is cost-effective without sacrificing on quality. Our Liniar uPVC doors are designed to maximise thermal efficiency with aesthetic appeal, and can be arranged in chamfered or sculptured designs, with a host of styles to select from.

Similarly, our REHAU uPVC doors are designed with the consumer in mind, offering a host of benefits that modern uPVC can make use of when manufactured efficiently and professionally. With fully sculpted profiles that provide fantastic aesthetics, you’ll be surprised that your functional window looks so good as well. A complex three-chamber system boasts the latest in thermally efficient technology, and is the perfect way to warm a Farnham home.

Features and Benefits of uPVC Doors

uPVC is a fantastic and modern material to work with, and provides the perfect building blocks for the contemporary entryway. The material offers an innate robustness that suit the profile for long-term protection, and the malleability of the profile’s design allows it to be heavily customised to suit any Farnham property. Furthermore, a complex yet innovative wieldable corner joint system is perfectly used to increase and then maintain the rigidity of the door.

uPVC is also a fascinating product in that it is incredibly weather-proof by nature, and that’s before our fantastic manufacturing process is even considered. Impermeable to water, our uPVC doors utilise this feature in order to eliminate the problem of leakage or draughts during heavy rainfall or savage winds. That way, when you purchase your uPVC doors from Hart Windows you can rest assured that the product you are buying is in it for the long haul.

Maximum Security uPVC Doors

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We understand how important it is that your new uPVC doors offer the best security qualities available, and that they properly protect your home of the long-term. We want your entryway to not only look the part but act it too, and every one of our products is guaranteed to remain strong and sturdy in the wake of unwanted visitors. When you purchase one of our uPVC doors, you are getting a door that will protect you and your home for years to come.

Our Liniar doors in particular boast some of the most secure profiling available on the UK market. Making use of the already sturdy characteristics of modern uPVC materials, the Liniar doors is imbued with an intricate, high security locking mechanism that is specifically designed with high-security in mind. All of these doors are fully accredited to meet appropriate standards which include PAS023 and PAS024 and are approved by the BBA and Secured By Design.

Optimal Thermal Efficiency

We know that customers throughout Farnham and the surrounding areas want uPVC doors that are capable of offering them a number of different benefits. That’s why we are proud to provide uPVC doors that offer maximum thermal efficiency, making them a suitable and worthwhile addition to any home that will continue to benefit you long after the installation has been completed. We use eco-friendly manufacturing to bring you eco-friendly products.

Specifically, we use a fantastic process to build upon the already thermally efficient nature of the material uPVC. By utilising the latest in vacuum-sealed double glazing technology and innovative profiling, we are able to craft a product that keeps heat trapped within your home and reduces the amount of cold air slipping in. This in turn saves you money on your energy bills, and will reduce your impact on the environment. Our products are built with the future in mind.

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uPVC Doors, Farnham

If you think that one of our uPVC doors might be the perfect way to complete your home improvement project, then get in contact with our professionals today. We’d be happy to help you in any way we can, and our team of advisors are happy to answer your questions.

On the other hand if you’d prefer to just have a look through our products and then get a product that is specifically tailored towards your exact needs and requirements, then take note of our simple to use online quote generator.  It’s free and easy. We look forward to meeting you.


With Hart, you can invest in only the best Farnham double glazing that will significantly improve the way your property looks and performs.

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