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Here at Hart Window, we want all of our customers to be absolutely ecstatic with their purchase the first time around. That’s why we offer only the very best roof lanterns available on the modern market. Roof lanterns are an ideal addition to your home, and can be tailored to suit any Guildford property. By allowing natural light to flood into your home from above, they offer one of the most impressive and least invasive ways to allow nature into the room.

We offer a stunning range of roof lanterns for customers of all tastes. If a room seems stuffy or cut off from the outside, roof lanterns can be the perfect way to open up the space and add sense of fresh air. This also has the added benefit of providing more warmth into the room as well, as natural light keeps your room warmer with less of a need for manual heating. The slim sightlines and wide glass panels will ensure that you enjoy your new stylish home improvement.

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Characteristics of Roof Lanterns

Roof lanterns offer a plethora of stylistic changes to any home that they are installed in, and at Hart Windows we only install the very best products available. Every one of our products is meticulously crafted from high quality materials that ensure slim sightlines. Furthermore, they are installed to properly maximise special availability. This culminates in a free-feeling room. That benefits from natural sunlight and stylistic design choices.

Cost-effective due to our low prices and fantastic deals, our roof lanterns are also heavily customisable for a number of reasons from aesthetic choices to practicality. Privacy for example is an important focal point for any window or entryway, and that’s why our roof lanterns can be customised to boast one of a variety of glass options and finishes. Furthermore, the position of this product on the roof guarantees privacy.

Features & Benefits of Roof Lanterns

There are a number of benefits that you will receive from our roof lanterns once they have been installed. First and foremost, they are a brilliant way to improve the aesthetic value of your home, and add a contemporary edge to any property. The fact that they are made from the finest materials only accentuates this fact, and serves to ascertain that they maintain this level of quality for many years to come. Your purchase is built for the long haul.

We also make sure that all of our roof lanterns display high levels of energy efficiency. Tailored to trap heat within your home, you’ll notice reduced energy bills as your new double glazing product reduces the amount of heat lost to the outdoors. Finally, intelligently designed framing and profiles result in a product that utilises airtight seals across the window pane, ensuring that unwanted weather conditions are prevented from affecting the product.

Roof Lanterns by the Best in the Business

We partner with a number of home improvement giants to bring you some of the best double glazing products available in the UK:

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Atlas Roof Solutions

The Atlas roof lantern is an affordable and quality-tested product that offers all of the benefits of standard roof lanterns and more. This lantern in particular is available in a wide range of colours and finishes, so that you can properly match your new product with your home. Furthermore, they can also be installed with self-cleaning glass in order to ensure that your new roof lantern requires little maintenance and will last for many years.





The Eurocell roof lantern is also a dignified product, produced for customers who are looking for the absolutely best products available on the market. Similarly customisable with a wealth of different options available, these roof lanterns also offer two or three bar options for maximisation of light. Furthermore, they offer enhanced thermal efficiency and security, whilst also standing as a point of pride in your home thanks to its style.

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Thermally Efficient Roof Lanterns Fleet

Thermal Efficiency

Installing a roof lantern into your home can reduce your energy bills. Since heat rises, our roof lanterns are the perfect way to capture heat within your home. Our double glazing window panels ensure heat stays inside, gradually warming your home.

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If you are concerned about privacy alongside wanting the benefits of increased natural light, then our roof lanterns are perfect for you. Tactfully place, a set of tough glass also keeps unwanted intruders out – it’s ideal for any home.

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We offer a beautiful range of colours and finishes, so you can ensure your roof lantern looks exactly how you want them to. Our team of experts are also on hand to talk you through our designs, making sure you get the product you’ve dreamed of.

Affordable Roof Lanterns Prices, Guildford

With the level of personality and host of features that roof lanterns can bring to any Guildford property, they provide a worthwhile investment in any home. They will transform any property into a bright, contemporary addition to the Guildford landscape.

We work with professional and experienced installation teams, as well as a fantastically knowledgeable customer service team that are happy to help you in any way that they can. Contact us today to speak to our team about our range of roof lanterns deals.

Alternatively you are more than welcome to utilise our online quoting tool to get a quote specific to your situation in minutes. It is by far the fastest, most efficient way to get a price that is perfect for you. Contact our team today. We look forward to hearing from you!

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