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Exquisite Roof Lanterns for Farnham Customers

At Hart Windows, we like to see our customers’ eyes light up when they find the perfect product for their home. This is why we bring you only the finest roof lanterns, in only the best materials and designs. We are quite sure our selection of lantern roofs and skylights is the best in the Farnham and neighbouring areas.

The best part is, these stunning lanterns are suitable for almost any property. With just one of these in a room, you can let in so much light in.

Our collection of roof lanterns are picked for their fantastic designs and superior features. As a result, there is something for everyone’s needs as well as aesthetics. One of the best features of a roof lantern is the way it lights up a room. In fact, if a room does not have a wall where you can put a window, our roof lantern can be a beautiful alternative for natural light and ventilation.

The sleek, minimalist design with its vast glass panels will add to the style factor of your home!


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Features of Roof Lanterns

Roof lanterns are a fabulous way to change the look and performance of your home. Plus, when we at Hart Windows install a product for you, you get unmatched quality and features as well. We bring you only the very best roof glazing and skylights. Besides, we ensure that each one of them is aesthetically pleasing – as our customers deserve. The large glass panelling on our roof lanterns helps you create a room that is well-lit and looks more spacious.

Moreover, our rates are also appealing. For a very competitive price, you can get completely bespoke products. Whether it is a design detail you want or a performance feature, we are happy to give you everything you want. You can match the colour of the roof lanterns to match your home’s décor. Additionally, you can also choose glass that is finished for improved privacy.

Why A Roof Lantern?

Roof lanterns offer a number of useful as well as desirable features. The first, and most important, is the amount of light they can let into a room. It may be a dark and dreary windowless room or an orangery that’s not letting in enough light. Our flat roof lanterns will help you improve the natural illumination of the room, and help with ventilation as well.

Secondly, they can instantly transform your Farnham home from an ordinary structure to one that’s modern and stylish. They make a perfect centrepiece of a room, as well as offering beautiful aerial views. Moreover, with the high-quality aluminium and uPVC materials we provide our roof lanterns in, they will retain this look for years!

Another important feature your roof lantern gives you is a high degree of thermal efficiency. These fittings are excellent at insulating your home from within, so you don’t lose heat through them in the winter months. They will also enable your Farnham property to stay cool in the summer months.

The heat performance of these roof lanterns is coupled with our superior weather seal which means your home stays warm and dry in all stages of the British weather.

Roof Lanterns by Market Leading Names

We collaborate with some of the biggest names in the industry to bring you some of the finest double glazing products available in the UK:

Atlas Flat Roof Lantern Farnham



Atlas Roof Solutions

The Atlas roof lanterns are a cost-effective and elegant product that will appeal to many Farnham homeowners. These rooftop windows are available in a magnificent selection of colours and finishes. As a result, you can match them to your property perfectly. What’s more, you can get them with self-cleaning glass. This way, you don’t need to put in much effort in cleaning them or try to reach any unsafe places. You will achieve clean, clear and durable roof lanterns for years to come.




The Eurocell roof lanterns give you a tasteful and understated option for your elegant Farnham property. These supremely high quality uPVC sky lights are very easy to customise. This is because of the range of options available in colours, styles and finishes. In fact, you can even choose a two or three bar design depending on how clean you want your sightlines to be. Thus, not only do you get excellent thermal performance, but you also get a stylish product for your home with extended views.

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Thermally Efficient Roof Lanterns in Farnham

Thermal Performance

Our roof lanterns are a great way of keeping your energy bills low. These windows are designed to trap heat. Since hot air tends to rise, having a well-insulated roof feature is a good way to keep the warmth of your home contained.

Highly Secure Lanterns Farnham


You may be concerned about losing privacy with a window on your roof. Moreover, it may also seem like a weak point in the security of your home. However, our roof lanterns keep prying eyes as well as intruders out.

Bespoke Roof Lantern Styles


Our selection of gorgeous roof lanterns are available in many configurations and colours. As a result, you can tailor them according to your needs and taste. If you’re in doubt, our expert team will help you decide!

Roof Lanterns Prices, Farnham – Surrey

Our roof lantern prices in Farnham and throughout Surrey are so attractive that you will not be able to find the quality of a product and with expert installation at a better price. Our experienced and efficient installers will make sure your roof lanterns are installed correctly. If you choose us for your roof installation, you will benefit from market-leading brands which have designed a structure to last and improve any flat roof, orangery, or extension.

To learn more about our Farnham double glazing, you can contact us and speak to our team. You can also get quick and easy roof lantern prices using our online quoting tool. Just tell it what you need and it will generate your price in a few minutes!

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