Glass Specialists

Hart Windows are glass specialists when it comes to cutting glass.

We are able to cut glass to any shape, or size for a number of purposes.

Maybe you have a cracked shop front window, a smashed glass table top or perhaps your favourite mirror has been broken, Hart windows will be able help by cutting a piece of replacement glass to fit. Simply email us with the size and spec on for a free quotation.

Glass Specialists

‘With your best interests at Hart’ we only use the best of the best products, so we are proud to announce that we use Pilkington as our preferred glass manufacturer.

  • Pilkington has a range of over 18 different textured glass designs and a premium range of etched glass.
  • There are Five levels of privacy or transparency available, graded from 1 (least obscuration) to 5 (greatest obscuration).
  • All options are available toughened or laminated for safety and security and is suitable for double glazing.
  • We offer a glass cutting service so you can provide us with the glass and we can cut it to your desired shape or size, (this does not apply to toughened glass), we can even deliver the glass to your front door.
  • Hart Windows operates in the residential and commercial sector.
  • We offer replacement double glazed sealed units, replacement single glass for all types of doors and windows.
  • We offer a board up service for you on the same day as the accident occurs and also do insurance work.
  • Need a hole cut? Have one of our glass specialists cut you a hole for vents or even cat flaps.
  • We can also cut mirrors to suit your needs.

So contact Hart Windows the glass specialists today for your free quotation.
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