Glass and Glazing Federation

Replacement Windows HampshireThe Glass and Glazing Federation, also known as GGF, is currently the leading federation of the glazing industry.  It is an association which represents 600 companies that supply, fit and make glass related products and glass.  This federation also consists of not only regional, but also of foreign and national members.  It represents more than sixty percent of the industry of home improvement as reflected by the turnover rate.

Government on Regulation and Consumer Issues regularly consults GGF.  Business management is currently more about managing external forces like political pressure, consumer expectations and legislation and is less about what happens in the business internally.  There has been a need for more support on these factors since they have been causing such a remarkable impact on various industries.

This association upholds the standards according to the Code of Good Practice, so the clientele is assured by the display of the GGF logo.

This federation is the institution you are looking for if there is a company in your area with whom you would like to work or if you have general questions regarding glass. The GGF will give you all the information and assistance you need regarding double-glazing, window replacement, doors, conservatories, and windows that are energy efficient.

For energy efficient windows, GGF members are able to supply you with UPVC, timber, steel, aluminum, and all kinds of framing material.  Applied film, emergency glazing, windows, doors, conservatories and Trust mark are included with the products and services that GGF provides.

Glazing and glass companies that have been in business for three years or more are granted company membership by the Glass and Glazing Federation.  The federation checks accounts and visits company premises to see if they meet the current standards.  You need to pay a specific membership fee according to the industry in which you are involved, if the standards are met.

If there’s a need, GGF members are required to improve standards, protect consumers and offer individual arbitration. GGF members would be glad to supply you with all the products you need as well as information regarding architects or other members.  The required supplies as well as pertinent information can be sourced directly from the GGF website.

One of the other great benefits of using a GGF member is that their deposit is protected through the DIS or the Deposit Indemnity Scheme.

Conduct is regulated, monitored and all companies are vetted. There is also a customer charter to make sure your installations will comply with building regulations in your area. In addition, by attending the technical and regional meetings, GGF members get easy access to potential clientele who are also members of the federation.

Consumer advice and recommendations on particular products, where you can purchase the items and absolute security in the purchasing of your products, are included in the customer charter offered by the Glass and Glazing Federation. You will also get continued high quality customer service at all times.

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