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French Doors, Hook

Install our French Doors in your Hook home, and people will notice their elegant design; they will give your house an instant touch of elegance as well as make a sophisticated entrance into and out of your house. The doors consist of expansive glass panels with distinctive design features, which give them their iconic appearance – their design is inspired by the French Renaissance period. However, these doors don’t just have design benefits they have practical ones too – mainly the amount of light they allow into your Hook home. Interestingly they were initially created ahead of artificial lighting to maximise the amount of sunlight that could shine into a home. So why not increase the light in your Hook home with our French Doors.

When you come to Hart Windows, then you’ll have the opportunity to choose from some of the market leaders in French Doors; they include REHAU and Liniar, meaning you are getting top quality products manufactured to the highest specifications. They are made using top quality uPVC profile, cutting-edge double glazing technology, making these French Doors long lasting and highly durable.

We believe that your French Doors should reflect your own personality and your home’s architectural style that is why we offer a bespoke solution, meaning you get French Doors that fit your home perfectly.

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Benefits Of French Doors

Double Glazed uPVC French Doors, Wokingham
As well as looking grand and spectacular our French Doors also increase the thermal efficiency of your home, this means you use less energy to heat your home. Thanks to way these doors close and the double glazing, the warm air stays inside your house and the cold air can’t get in. This means you spend less money on heating your house.

Our French Doors even work in period and traditional homes, a great way of helping reduce bills in this energy hungry homes.
uPVC French Doors, Wokingham
We want our French Doors to suit your own personal taste and the architectural style of your Hook home. That is why you can choose from a wide range of colours, which includes foils and woodgrain effects, the latter mimicking traditional timber frames. However because we use uPVC you can be assured that your doors will never crack, fade, warp or rot.

There are other customisable features with these doors, which will help give them a personalised look and appearance. You can choose the hardware that fits onto your French Doors, to give them an even more individual appearance. Pick our French Doors for a home improvement product that will reflect your own personal style.
Replacement French Doors, Wokingham
Our manufacturing technique and the materials we use for our French Doors means that they will not be ruined by the bad British weather. Rain, sun, strong winds and snow will not leave their marks, in fact to keep these doors looking amazing all you need to do is to wipe them down with a warm damp cloth.

Thank to the strength of the powder coating used on our French Doors, they are scratch resistant, so you’ll never need to repaint the frames. We believe that our doors have a lifespan of over 35 years, so sit back and enjoy the view from your new French Doors.
WokinghamuPVC French Doors, Surrey
Hook residents, like the rest of the UK, put security towards the top of their list when choosing their home improvement products. We believe our French Doors give your home extra security thanks to the durable and strong uPVC profiles, which will Deere intruders and unwanted visitors.

We thoroughly test these doors to ensure they perform to the highest standards. They come with industry leading locking systems that are integrated into the frames in various locations, providing you with the most secure home improvement options available.

Exceptional Customer Service

You can be confident that you are dealing with a company who provides excellent customer service as we are recognised by FENSA. It recognises us as dependable installers, giving you confidence in your Hart Windows project. From our initial point of contact to the final product, we want to provide you with as many individualised and customised options as possible to ensure you receive the French doors you require. In addition, we want to provide you with a ten year insurance backed warranty on your new French doors so that you can rest assured that your investment is protected.

French Door Prices, Hook

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