FENSA Registered

Hart Windows can proudly confirm that is FENSA Registered.

FENSA RegisteredFENSA is the leading body offering property owners protection when purchasing double glazing. It is highly recommended that you choose a FENSA registered company as they offer great protection.

The Fenestration Self-Assessment Scheme (FENSA) works with a large number of double glazing installers throughout Britain.

So why do you need to find a FENSA registered installer?

  • FENSA frequently evaluates its registered installers.
  • A 10-year insurance backed guarantee will be commissioned by the installer upon the completion of works, giving you added peace of mind.
  • A FENSA certificate is provided to the property owner for each listed installation to prove that it meets the building regulations.
  • Your works to the property will be registered to your Local Authority, which will save you a considerable amount of time with no added expense.
  • A registered company can operate anywhere in the UK, so you would be able to use the same company if you were to move to a new part of the country.
  • Your deposit to the installer is protected.

FENSA has currently issued more than seven million certificates and is recognized as the double glazing market leader.

FENSA was mainly formed by the Glass and Glazing Federation (GGF), in answer to the Building Regulations passed in Britain for double glazing installers.

It is important that your new windows and doors meet the present energy performance requirements, which can in fact save you money on keeping your property warm throughout the winter months and also offer a good level of sound proofing.

FENSA registered installers are able to self certify their work in accordance to the latest Building Regulations with no need to get an independent evaluation from Building Control.

An independent report commissioned by the Government, identified FENSA for being the most successful competent person scheme in the United Kingdom. FENSA definitely stands out as the primary trademark respected by the general public, Local Authorities, industry and Government.

Replacement Windows HampshireHart Windows has further been awarded the TrustMark which is given to companies that can offer a higher level of customer service which meets a strict criteria created by the government. In order to qualify we had to have a full check of the companies financial history, a full inspection of workmanship and had to prove that we have comprehensive procedures in place.

So please contact Hart Windows, your local FENSA registered installer today for a higher level of service.

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