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Composite Doors Farnham

We at Hart Windows have been giving Farnham and the neighbouring areas unmatched double glazing service. With over 30 years of satisfied customers under our belt, we have built a reputation for reliability and quality. As part of this, we offer a comprehensive selection of composite doors from Solidor, Endurance, and Door Smart.

We have Farnham double glazing products for everyone. Whether you have a modern home or a heritage property, we are sure you’ll find the right doors or windows with us. You can verify this claim by visiting our showroom. You’ll get amazing inspiration for your home improvement, as well as invaluable advice from our trained staff.

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Composite Doors Farnham

Performance-Driven, yet Stylish Composite Doors

Composite doors are the perfect way to add style and performance to your Farnham home. They give you stunning good looks combined with superior functionality. These doors are extremely easy to take care of. You don’t have to worry about them rotting, decaying or generally degrading. All you need is a few minutes to wipe them with a damp cloth. That is all they need to keep their bright colour.

Composite doors are also great at keeping your home insulated. They keep the warmth trapped inside so your energy bills are lower. They also keep draughts and rainwater out, to keep your home warm and dry. The inherent strength of these doors give your home the protection it needs. Moreover, we enhance this feature with our security fittings. This gives you a safer home where intruders cannot enter.

Unbeatable Properties of Composite Doors

Easy to Maintain

With composite doors, you can recreate the authentic timber look without the effort required to care for them. Unlike wooden doors, composite doors are surprisingly simple to care for.

Timber doors would require regular sanding, polishing, and varnishing. You might even have to deal with paint peeling or flaking. Composite doors on the other hand have a surface made of Glass Reinforced Plastic. This gives the exterior scratch resistance and longer lasting appearance.

These doors don’t lose their as-good-as-new look even after years of use. Moreover, their colour does not scratch or peel. All they need is a wipe with a damp cloth. You don’t need to spend more than a few minutes cleaning them.

Composite Door Prices Farnham

Thermal Performance

Composite doors are made by combining multiple materials so that each gives its best. To enhance their insulating properties, these doors have a core made out of layered timber. This gives them greater thermal efficiency than wooden doors.

The doors are designed to keep the warmth of your home inside. As a result, you need less power to heat up your home. Even when you turn your heating off, the house stays warm for longer.

This serves to reduce not only your carbon footprint but also your energy bills. As a result, your doors help you save money in the long run.

Bespoke Features

At Hart Windows, we understand that you want to style your home to your taste. Your choice of doors and windows should reflect your personality and aesthetic. This is why we give you full creative freedom when it comes to composite doors.

You can obviously get them in the colour you want. We give you a whole spectrum of hues to choose from. Moreover, you can choose to get different colours for the inside and outside panels.

In addition, we also give you complete control over the kind of glass you want. You can choose plain, frosted, or even glass with design. As a result, you get a door that is tailored exactly according to what you desire.

Composite Door Costs Farnham


Enhanced Security

The blend of materials in composite doors serves to enhance their strength and durability. As a result, these doors are almost indestructible on their own. However, we supplement this strength with high-security installation and fittings.

This means that your composite door gives your home superior protection. The door is quite tamper-proof and the security fitting makes it impossible to dismantle easily. When combined with the strength of the door’s structure, you can see why they are so successful at keeping intruders out.

Composite Door Prices in Farnham

From the extensive list of benefits these doors provide, you’d be justified in thinking that composite door prices in Farnham would be quite exorbitant. However, that is not the case. We offer highly competitive prices for composite doors as well as other doors.

To get a quote, simply fill in your requirements in our handy online quote generator. Once you have given it your specifications, it will quickly generate a quote for you.

Another way to get a quick quote is to contact us. Simply speak to someone from our qualified team. They will give you all the information you need, and provide you with a composite door price quote.

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