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Our aluminium doors are manufactured by first class companies, so when you choose Hart Windows you are choosing a market leading company.

Aluminium Doors, Hook

At Hart Windows we offer Hook homeowners an amazing range of aluminium doors that you can customise to make your own. These doors don’t just look beautiful they perform brilliantly as well. They are robust, so last for a long time and, thanks to their first class profiles, perform at amazing levels on a daily basis.

Our aluminium doors can be installed in any size of opening, large or small, they will give your Hook home instant kerbside appeal wherever they are installed. These doors are a really clever way of saving space, as instead of opening inwards and outwards, they slide on tracks, so if you’ve got a small room that needs a door, then our aluminium door is your perfect solution. Because our aluminium doors have such thin frames, they have an expansive glazed area which means more natural light flooding into your home. With our aluminium doors, you don’t just get a door that is attractive to look at; you get one that performs brilliantly too.

We only work with market leading manufacturers such as ALUK and Smart Systems, meaning with Hart Windows you will only install a high quality product. These doors are robust, long lasting and highly secure, this is all down to the top quality aluminium alloy that is used in their frames. This translates into very thin frames that can take the weight of large areas of glass, giving you a chic, slender door for your Hook home. Add the double glazing into the mix and you’ve got a door that will help keep your house warm.

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Benefits Of Aluminium Doors

Sturdy Aluminium Doors, Hook
Everyone of our clients has different needs for their aluminium doors and want different designs, that is why we offer out Hook customers the ability to make these doors their own.

You can customise the configurations and dimensions of your aluminium door so you get a product that fits perfectly in the space it is filling as well as your personal tastes. We offer you a wide range of colours that will complement your home’s design, from neutral colours to something brighter, you will find a colour that suits. You can slo choose from a selection of woodgrain foils.
Aluminium Doors, Hook
Thanks to the aluminium door’s slim frames you get much larger glass frames than you can with traditional frames. This means you are afforded with amazing views onto your Hook gardena and countryside. The amount of sun and natural light that will shine through your door will increase making your home seem much larger.

Another design feature narrow frames offers is a more contemporary, minimalist design to your home as your doors will appear less obtrusive.
Reliable Aluminium Doors, Hook

One of the reasons our aluminium doors are so popular is because they have the ability to use less space in your home. Folding doors use up less space, as they don’t need to open in and out.

They are equipped with tracks upon which they glide, so don’t need large areas to swing open and closed. That means you can install larger doors in smaller spaces.

You can position these doors in a wide variety of places, small areas such as balconies, so if you live in a flat these are a great way of saving space.
Customised Aluminium Doors, Hook
We recognise that the demands of each residence are unique. Hook customers all getcthe opportunity to have an aluminium door customised to meet their particular deisgn and specifications. You may pick the size and configuration of your property's new aluminium doors. You may also choose the number of panels you wish!

In addition, we will provide you with a selection of colours so that you may match your aluminium doors to the rest of your house. We can provide a variety of woodgrain foils with a genuine appearance so that you may smoothly preserve the beauty of your home.

Premium Aluminium Door Installation from Hart Windows

At Hart Windows, we use qualified and knowledgeable installers that provide dependable service. We have over 30 years of expertise, so you can be certain that the aluminium door installation for your Hook house will be immaculate.

Our FENSA approved installation will fulfil the strictest building code requirements. You will get aluminium doors with excellent thermal performance and weatherproofing. Thus, you may invest in your property with total peace of mind, since we also give a 10 year warranty.

Aluminium Door Prices

Are you seeking for a competitive aluminium door price? At Hart Windows, you may get aluminium door price quotations that are as appealing as our goods.

By putting your criteria into our online quotation engine, you may obtain a fast estimate, and it will instantly compute your personalised door pricing. Otherwise, you can call us on 01252 623 404 or send us a message on our website, and we will respond as soon as possible.

We look forward to creating your unique aluminium door shortly!

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