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Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors, Camberley

At Hart Windows, our Camberley customers can get a stunning range of aluminium bi-fold doors for their homes. These beautiful doors come to you from leading names in aluminium fittings. We offer specially-selected bi-fold doors from ALUK range and Smart Systems in an assortment of colour options. Both these names are known for their durable and sleek doors.

Our bi-fold doors give you a smooth and seamless point of access to different parts of your home. These doors can efficiently divide unmanageable spaces into smaller ones. They can equally effortlessly open up spaces and integrate them seamlessly. You can use them as kitchen doors, or as doors leading into the garden. If you have a large room, you can partition it off with a full-width bi-fold door.

The reason why they can do so is due to their opening mechanism. These doors are made up of panels that fold up like a concertina to open. This stack then sits on one side, taking up very little space. In fact, unlike traditional doors, these aluminium bi-fold doors don’t even require a great deal of space for a swing arc. As a result, you can have larger openings without having to worry about keeping the area clear.

However you choose to use them, these aluminium bi-fold doors will give you many years of smooth operations. We offer doors with high-quality rollers that simply float open with a light touch. They are perfect for those times when you want to open a door with your hands full.

Aluminium Bi-Fold doors Camberley

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Benefits Of Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors

Strong and durable aluminium bi-fold doors
Aluminium bi-fold doors offer a unrelenting strength of aluminium. This material is very light, and even flexible when being moulded. However, it becomes very rigid and durable once shaped.

As a result, these bi-fold doors give Camberley homes a level of protection that is higher than any other door. Moreover, they last you years. In fact, we offer you a 10-year guarantee on them.

However, we are confident they will continue to perform for much longer. They will even maintain their appearance with very little care.
Aluminium bi-fold doors with slim frames
The incredible strength of our bi-fold doors does more than give you durable doors. Since aluminium is a very strong material, you don't need as much of it to hold the weight of the glazing.

The result is slimmer frames with a larger glazed area, giving you unobstructed views and sunlight. These sleek frames give you narrower sightlines, so you can enjoy the sights outside.

In addition to providing you with spectacular views and natural illumination, these bi-fold doors also give you a clean look for a modern home.
Highly secure aluminium bi-fold doors in Camberley
In addition to giving you durable and sophisticated doors for your Camberley home, we also provide you with complete protection. This is why we give you bi-fold doors that are fitted with Yale locks.

These high-security locks combine with the unbreakable resilience of aluminium to give you a home that is secure and safe.

Additionally, we install your bi-fold doors efficiently and securely, so that they cannot be dismantled or broken into at all.
Smooth operations with bi-fold doors
As part of our high quality, we give you aluminium bi-fold doors that open and close so easily that even a child could operate them. These doors are slide over compact and light-weight stainless steel rollers.

Since our hardware is designed for long-term use, these rollers glide effortlessly at all times. In fact, your bi-fold doors will almost float open at the slightest push even after years of use.

As a result, you will find it easier to operate them even with your hands full, giving you ease of use.

Reliable Installation from Hart Windows

At Hart Windows, we have accumulated a wealth of double glazing experience over 30 years. Additionally, we work with installers who are not only highly-trained but also try to improve themselves continually. As a result, we can give you installations that exceed the requirements of Building Regulations.

Our competent installers work efficiently and tirelessly to give you bi-fold doors that continue to perform. These double glazed aluminium doors will provide you with long-lasting and hard-wearing performance. Our FENSA-accredited installations are designed to keep your home safe and secure. Moreover, they will keep your home safe from the cold as well as the rain.

Our confidence in our product and service is so strong that we offer you a 10-year guarantee on all our aluminium bi-fold doors. This is more for your peace of mind than anything else because we know our bi-fold doors will not let you down.

How Much Do Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors Cost in Camberley?

Our aluminium bi-fold door prices are designed to give you a high-value product for your home in Camberley. As a result, you can give your home a makeover without burning a hole through your pocket. Besides, you get great features at a very competitive price.

If you want to learn more about our bi-fold doors and other products, give us a call on 01252 623404.  You can also drop us a message online with your contact details and we will get back to you.

If you need quick prices, you can also use our online quoting engine. Just fill in your requirements and it will give you your aluminium bi-fold door prices within minutes!

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